Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Just a smidgin!!!!"

Bring on the red carpet!!!


click on the video link for my big debut. Ellie is quite the star herself. I guess like mother like daughter. And don't you love all my amazing one-liners? (You know I am joking right?) Although Ellie really is pretty cute in this.

I was asked to do this little segment for one of the news stations here i Pittsburgh 2 weeks after Carson was born and although it took awhile to do, on my birthday, and I was sick, it was actually pretty fun. And hearing my say, "Just a smidgin' " made it all worth it. :)


Monday, April 13, 2009

Carson's Blessing & Easter

Ellie is screaming, "Cheese!!!"

Yesterday we blessed Carson. It was great, but weird not having much family there. Jason's mom came to see the baby on Saturday and so we were happy to have at least one person from our family here. The blessing went well, as in Carson slept the whole time. And Jason did a wonderful job. I feel so thankful to have little Carson in our family. He is such a sweet little baby. Already I feel sad to see him grow. But I will love it when he is grown enough to sleep through the night. :) It was also our last week in this ward. I am so sad to go. I have LOVED LOVED LOVED it here in Pittsburgh. There were times I thought 4 years couldn't pass fast enough, and now I would give almost anything to start all over just
to do it all again.

And it was Easter!!!! All three of the older kids had a great time hunting for eggs and stuffing their mouths full of candy. It was so fun watching them search and find. They were hilarious. And Ellie was following her brother's lead. She didn't miss a thing. We hid eggs outside and inside and they each had to find their baskets. It was the best watching and listening to Noah find his. He was so enthusiastic. (anyone that knows Noah can imagine just what I am talking about).

We had a yummy dinner for Easter. . . roast and mashed potatoes. Thanks Pioneer Woman. Who doesn't just LOVE her?!!!! (I am checking her blog next). And we got to enjoy it with the Miracles. That always makes for lots of fun, mixed with drama with all our kids. I am REALLY going to miss our Sunday dinners. Especially the ones where I don't have to cook. :)
Jack, Jackson, Ellie, Noah, and Wellesley. (and Libby) :)

And then it was time for bed. Thankfully. I was tired. Why is it that Sunday's are my most exhausting day? I feel like I am standing on my feet all day and cooking. But I guess my family deserves at least one meal a week. :)

So, it was a perfect weekend. And on Wednesday my mother in law is taking Jackson, Noah and Ellie all back to Oregon for 1 1/2 weeks. Ahhhh, I am going to be so well rested. I do have to pack our entire house during that time and move to Ann Arbor, but with only one child, it will feel like I am playing house. It feels like I am playing house when I am only dealing with 2 kids. Each time I have a baby I say, "Oh, it was so easy when there was just one. . . .Or just two. . . " And I am totally saying it again. "It was so easy when there were only three." :)
Thanks to Judy for helping so much this weekend. Having an extra pair of hands is seriously the only way to do it!!!! :)