Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shout out!!

This is just a quick shout out to the Pittsburgh girls that are all going on the GIRLS TRIP next week to Orlando. GO GIRLS TRIP!!!!!!

I have been checking your blogs and getting older and nerdier as I sit here. All these new crafty things you are all doing is too much!!! I feel dated and matronly.

Please help.

Next week, I have decided to turn the "girls trip" into a Craft Get Away.

No, I do not craft. Yuck. But you all do. And I am willing to be taught. A little. If it will make me more stylish, I can do it. So please be prepared. :)

Love, Jana
The least crafty friend you have. But jealous of all of you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Go Blue!

Last weekend was the official start of the fall for me. Why?
Because we went to the the cider mill in Dexter for the first of MANY times this season and we took the boys, even Carson to their first University of Michigan football game. One of the fellows Jason works with has had family tickets to the games for years and happened to have 6 extra on Saturday. So, we decided it would be a great time to take the boys. My sister Jocelyn was here visiting so she come too. We left her boys and Ellie at home with a babysitter. :) And actually, Noah would have probably enjoyed the babysitter too. Michigan won!!!! It was great. We had a really fun time there, despite the hot weather. Jackson and Noah had a great time, or I should say started having a really great time when we were ready to leave. The student section really got the "wave" going and Jackson was loving it. (I was too). Carson did great. Half the time I never even know he's around. I am lucky he is so easy.
Here's to a season of cider, fresh doughnuts, football, and gorgeous walks in the neighborhood. And jeans and sweatshirts! There is nothing I love more than the start of fall. Even down to changing out my decorations. Is it too early to get out my Halloween????

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The never ending list

Many things have happened the last few weeks. Hence, the never ending list. Jason and I went to Orlando for the week with the kids and had a blast. Our camera battery died the first day there so we have very few pictures. But lasting memories right??? :) We also decided to wait until Jackson is 8 years old to go back. That way all the kids can participate more. But it was so fun. We had a blast!!!! I will put the few pics we have up later. :) School for three of my kids. And a trip to Utah for an interview with IHC. I will start with Jackson and his big day.
He started school!!! This was a huge highlight for me. I can't believe it came. He rode the bus the first day, with me following close behind all the way there. Then, we met up in the class room and here is where the real memory started.
We all know how much Jackson "loves" vegis. He just can't get enough. Sense my sarcasm. So, I saw that there were several cups with carrots in them and I assumed they were for snacks later. I said to Jackson, "Oh, it looks like you are having carrots for snacks today. Please eat them okay?" He looked at me, said, "Okay." And then began crying.It was a soft and quiet cry. But still a cry. I felt so sad for him. I know how nervous he was just being in such a different place with all new faces. There aren't any familiar people in his class. So, the carrots were the icing o the cake for him. He was heart broken. Kinder garden was not all I promised it would be.

After a few minutes of hugging and trying my hardest to assure him school would be fun, he braved up and the teacher kicked all the parents out of the room. I teared up as I walked away, feeling this crazy emotion of knowing that my little Jackson was growing up and it was only going to get worse from here. I missed him like mad that day.

I went back to his school to watch him
get on the bus and then follow it home.He had a wonderful day. I knew he would. And after 2 weeks now, we are loving it!! The bus is probably on of is favorite things. Mine too. :)