Sunday, June 6, 2010

You were wrong!

Noah just came in my bedroom after JUST waking up and says, "Where's mom?!"

I said, "I'm in here." (The bathroom. Doing my make-up. Just to clarify).

He comes in holding a Spider man figurine and says, "See, you were wrong!!!!"

I said, "Oh yep. Good job Noah!"

He was referring to the position of Spider mans fingers when "webbing" someone. Noah always held his fingers in the Sign Language form of "I love you" (thumb out too) and I thought it was wrong. I thought to "web" someone your thumb had to be in. Silly mommy. And I think it was probably close to a year ago that I ever talked about it. Noah was really ready to catch me being wrong. :)

He walked out of my bathroom, turned his head and said, "SEE!! You DON'T know everything!!!!!"

I beg to differ!!!