Thursday, September 27, 2007


Today was a crazy day for me.

My house is old. Almost everything in it is the "original" from the time it was built. The floors, the cabinets, the tiles, the walls, the doors, the DOORKNOBS!!! Do I like that? No, to be totally honest. I mean sure, there is "charm" in older homes. But only when they are refurbished!!!! Give me a break.

So today Libby was over and we were planning on making some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Yes, we did eventually get them made. Libby's baby needed a nap and so did Noah. So, I let Noah have a special treat and watch a movie on my bed to fall asleep to. BAD IDEA!!! Jack (Libby's little boy) never fell asleep in Noah's crib and neither did Noah. But he did want to come out. And after awhile I decided he could. I went to go open the door and it wouldn't. The harder I turned the knob to the right it got EXTREMELY tight. Turned it to the left and it fell off. This went on for 20 minutes. And progressively Noah was getting worried, or maybe better said, scared! And so was I. Libby went to get a screwdriver from her house. All of Jason's tools were in the same room as Noah. Left there from several weeks ago by a project of my husbands. Mad? YES! I did call him, and he couldn't help me. Jason is in DC for work for 5 weeks. But the tools in the room?! So, I couldn't help but be upset.

I asked Jason for his dad's phone number. He has replaced some stupid old dumb doorknobs of ours before and I TOLD him and Jason to replace our bedroom doorknob too at the same time. Clearly, I was ignored. I saw this coming. And then Larry called. (Father in law). He walked me through how to open the door and NOTHING was working. Remember, ORIGINALS. Built in the 40's. OLD!!!! The doorknob was removed from the door and now there was nothing. And whatever there was left, was jammed inside the actual door.

An hour has passed and Noah was screaming. Ellie too. Libby left to get some help from another neighbor. I broke a knife and several pieces of the wood frame surrounding my door. And I bent the crap out of a butter knife. Larry said he would buy me a new knife. I said, "No, JASON will buy me a new knife."

I was alone, listening to my two babies cry for their mommy. And I then began to cry. Hard. Why? Because it was the first time I could not help my child. I could hear him, almost touch him, but could not get to him. I know this sounds a bit silly, but it was a very hard thing for me to feel. Poor little Noah wanted the one person that is ALWAYS able to comfort him. And I couldn't. All I could do was tell him to sit on the bed and wait for mommy. I was very close to chain sawing the door down. VERY CLOSE! So, in my moment of anguish for little Noah, I said a prayer and pop, the door opened. And there was Noah. Clinging to the bed, sobbing. I scooped him up and squeezed him and told him I loved him. Noah just held on and squeezed me tight. It was much sadder than I can ever describe. And then he was fine. Just fine. How soon they forget. But I was still all frazzled. Why I didn't just say a prayer to begin with!?

And so, one day I am living in a NEW home with NEW doors and NEW doorknobs. I am no longer upset at anyone. Ancient history. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where did I get those?

I MADE THEM! That's right, I made them all by myself. Well, not completely. I don't own a sewing machine. But once a wonderful neighbor and member of the ward here showed me a few simple steps, it was smooth sailing. Yes, I am still in a little bit of shock knowing that I sewed. But I am also quite proud of myself. I SEWED! Did you read that? SEWED! So, where can you get one of these? Well, me of course.

(I do know that most of you KNOW how to make these., There is nothing special about it. What is special is that I made them. :) And yes, you can just buy them at Nordstrom which is easier. But I had a moment of feeling domestic and I seized it. Please don't look too close. The stitching is scary. :)).

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Can I do it?

I just want to assure everyone that this post is going to much shorter than the last. Those of you that complained know who you are.

I am just so glad that all the kids are in bed and I am all alone, catching up on all my dvr recordings. What did I do before that? VCR? I can't even remember those days. After a fun day just hanging out with some girlfriends, the nighttime came and all the kids were ready for bed. All before 7:45pm. Ahhhhh!!!!!! I apologize to any of you girls that had to go through some serious screaming from little Noah. I assure you, I hated it more! But he is still so small and learning. Still . . sorry for the screams. :)

I am staying home all week. Jason has challenged me to something slightly difficult. He gave me a $20 dollar bill and wants me to only spend that this week. TWENTY BUCKS!!! So, in order to keep with it, I am home bound. Target is just simply out of the question!!!! Any ideas of things to do with the kids that are free. I am DETERMINED to make it this week. Jason has very little faith in me, and I WILL prove him wrong. :) And if this week goes well, then maybe next week I will try it again. Maybe a budget is in my future after all. :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

We miss Austin!

My trip to Austin was blast. We all had such a fun time together and none of us wanted to come home. I am sure that even little Ellie would have liked to stay with her Aunt Jocey a little longer for all the extra attention. I wanted to post pics of the trip, but I am still waiting to get them so I will post them later.

Despite the horrible experience getting there, Austin was AW
ESOME! We had such a great time seeing Aunt Jocey and Oger Ben. HAHA!! Noah loved his Ogar Ben, that is how it always sounded when he would say it.

Since there isn't a Nordstom here in Pittsburgh, I was planning on making that one of our first stops. And I loved it. Jocelyn let me get some serious shopping in while she managed all the kids and it was wonderful. Jason claims my family is not a good influence.

Jocelyn, "Get it."
Jana, "Which one?
"Get both."
"I can't have both."
"Sure you can. Just get them both!"

Thanks Joce for some great new jeans and several other fantastic finds. And of course for all the darling baby gifts. HAHA!!! Plus, we got t
o share one of the most delicious desserts we have ever had. Nordstrom Bistro White Chocolate Bread Pudding. I am a little embarrassed to say that we even went back a few days later for some more. But they were all out. It was a sad day.

That night we went to see the famous "Bats!!!" We waited for those, what are they? Birds? Well, whatever they are, we waited and waited for them to come flying out. But they never did. And we weren't the only on
es disappointed. There were over a hundred people around wanting to see the same thing we wanted. After a couple of hours, we left. But I did get to see where the Real World was. That is historical. :) The boys really wanted to see all the bats, and Jackson was very happy to find out that the bats didn't eat people. He didn't believe me at first. I am actually not too sad about them not coming out. It all sounds a little sickening to me. Hundreds of bats flying out to eat bugs. Like a big black cloud? Barf.

I won't go into the sprinkler park again, but the boys loved it. So did I. And the best part was being the only people there. Who likes to run around in their bathing suit when there are several other skinny moms around? Not me. :) So I ran around with all the confidence in the world. :) I was a little worried at first, thinking it was closed for the season,
but come on, this is Texas. What season? Here is some more about it for anyone that didn't see it earlier. Click hereJocelyn turned the big 3-0 while I was there and so I wanted her to have a special day. With the help of Ben and one of her friends we were able to pull off a small surprise party and it was a lot of fun. Jocelyn had no idea, or so she claims. Although she was acting a bit fishy earlier. Making sure the house stayed clean and all that. When we all got up in the morning, or I guess I should say when Jocelyn and the boys got up, she made them pancakes and let Ellie and me sleep in. So more like "Happy Birthday to me." :) I am talking 10:30 am. It was just like the good old college days. We went to dinner at the Cheesecake factory that night and for her birthday she got the most pathetic little scoop of ice cream I have ever seen. What the heck!? This is the cheesecake factory! Bring it on!!!! So, we went back home and there everyone was. It was fun. And mostly just to see Jocelyn so surprised.

On Saturday, we did some more shopping and decorating in Jocelyn's house. It is always so fun to watch someone else spend money. The only thing was, after seeing how cute her house is, I had to do some new decorating in my house. The boys were always so good while we shopped. It may have been from sleep deprivation, but who cares. They were good! :)

Saturday was had the best Mexican I have EVER had. Thank you Emily!!! Papacitos was scrumptious. I hated to stop eating, know that Pittsburgh can't even come close to good Mexican. I loved every part of my meal. Mmmmm. . what I would give for a little taco from Papacitos right now! Tasty!

We had church on Sunday. It was fine. Nothing extra exciting. But nice. The boys loved nursery. I did too. I think there should be a nursery for even younger than 18 months. Like how about 14 months. Just for the little ones. That would be so nice. Considering that so many of us moms have another baby once the first one goes into nursery. So we never get a break. We relaxed Sunday and some friends came over for dessert. I think I made it. Along with the dinner too. :) I do love to cook.

On my last night there, we decided to paint the guest bathroom. It was a brighter shade of pink with a wallpaper border. It is now a lovely shade of khaki. Very nice. And NO MORE wallpaper. Who does that?! Jocelyn has always hated that bathroom so it was time to get it done. There was some tricky crown molding in there so that was a big fat pain, and the later it got, the less we cared. We had a lot of fun doing it. And by then, I was used to staying up so late talking that I wasn't as tired as I normally would be. I am not a night person. I love love love bedtime!!!

While we were painting, Jocelyn thought that she could hold me and I could paint up close to the crown molding. I kept telling her, "NO WAY!!!" but she wouldn't take no for an answer. Five seconds later I was tumbling or more like flying into the bath tub, taking the shower rod with me. We had a good laugh about that. It was 3am. You know how you get. And I had been sniffing in all those paint fumes.

Wednesday came too soon. We were all sad to leave. I would have loved to have stayed longer and just hung out more. Hopefully one day my sisters and I can live close by and we can do these things all the time. Jocelyn was so great to my kids and said it perfectly. "I am freakin' Aunt Jocey!!!" She is an amazing aunt. I can only imagine the mom she will be one day.

Thanks so much Jocelyn and Ben . It was such a fun trip and so many great memories. Bats or no bats, I still was impressed with Austin.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back at last

We made it. And this time, I didn't have to stay in a hotel half way there. But, would it really be complete if there weren't any complications? No. Let's get right to it.

I missed my flight.

Oh yeah, I missed it. Fuming mad and still they wouldn't give an inch. Something about some stupid 30 minute rule. I was shocked. And to be totally honest, I REALLY do not think I was less than 30 minutes.

On the way, I told Jocelyn (sister) that I needed some cash and she then noticed she was out of gas. So we pulled over into "little Mexico" and I got what I needed. She got her gas. And then we finished the drive. We pulled up and I went to the sky cap counter. He couldn't get me in (30 minute crap). So, I ran inside and same thing. Grrrrr!!!!!

I was all sweaty, Ellie in the bjorn and get this. . . she had a blow out right then and there. Uh huh. After I got the bad news, I felt it. The lady behind the counter told me I could get in on the next flight out, but it didn't land until midnight. Not good. Who was going to come and get me. Thanks to trusty ol' Libby, I was safe.

So, we took it. But I was not happy. And all pee-peed too. I went to say goodbye to Jocelyn and then finished checking in. Ellie still on me, wet, all over.

I changed her and went through security. Which was a joke. HELLO!!! Can't anyone see me? I am ALONE. And could have used a hand. But no, I got through it all by myself. Thanks to no one Austin. And then I got to the gate and everyone was VERY nice and helpful. Too late! But I got over it and we had a good flight to Houston and then onto Pittsburgh.

All three kids slept the entire flight from Houston to Pitt and it was great. I of course couldn't sleep, and the guy behind me was stank. But, we made it and Libby was so kind to come and get us. Thanks Libby!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fun in the Texan sun

My sister Jocelyn has done a post about a fun day we had here in Austin. A great sprinkler park close by. If we lived here, I think I would be there DAILY! It was tons of fun. Check it out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We made it, barely.

Well, we are now in Austin, Texas visiting my sister and brother in law. We left on Monday. The original flight was supposed to leave Pittsburgh at 6:50pm. But it was late and we ended up leaving around 7:45pm. No big deal. The flight was stopping in Atlanta for a 40 minute lay over. But it was the same airplane that was going on to Austin so I wasn't worried. That is what they told me at the gate. We arrived in Atlanta and I just took my own sweet time getting my things together while exiting the plane. The flight crew told me as I was leaving that the plane was going to Houston instead of Austin and a tinge of panic raced through me. So, we hurried off the plane and found the departure screen to direct us where to go. But Austin was no where to be found on the screen. WTH!! I saw another guy that I knew was heading to Austin and he too was just bumming around, thinking he was safe while waiting to re board the original plane.

We both walked fast to another screen and again, no Austin. Not good. The pilot was behind us from our first flight and said, "I guess you have missed it. Tell the Delta Desk and tell them that it was late because of mechanical problems earlier in the day so all the flights were off. They tend to make up other reasons to save money." I was so mad.

Here I was, 10pm in Atlanta with my three little ones. Waaaaa!!! But we got it all taken care of and Delta put us in the Sheraton with $47.00 in meal vouchers and $225.00 in future travel with Delta for the troubles. It was no easy job getting all that, but I did it. As nicely as I possibly could. But I came very close to getting nasty a few times. The same guy that I found earlier was also headed to the Sheraton and he helped me get there with all the things I had. (My children, car seat, purse, carry on, and double stroller). Lucky for me and everyone else around me, the kids were EXCELLENT. They have never traveled so well. Not a tear or scream ever. It was so nice.

So, after a long few hours getting planned for the next day departure, we went to catch the shuttle and go to bed. And come to find out, I DID have enough diapers to get us through until we got our luggage today. Holy cow, that could have been bad. But no retainer. Anyone who knows me at all knows my OBSESSION with my retainer. I DO NOT want to go buck. And I just know I will if I stop wearing it. Even my mission, I wore the tye died beauty. It even glows in the dark. :) Don't worry, I have had new ones made periodically. :)

And we are here! The flight this morning was great. Noah slept most of it, Jackson just sat there and ate some chips, and Ellie slept too. I read.

We are having a great time with Jocelyn. Her house is darling and the boys are loving having free run of it. See some of you soon.

As for the nice guy we met, he also made it safely to his home and family. His name was Keith. Just for names sake. :) I think I would have really struggled if Keith hadn't been there to help. His wife had taught him well. Help a woman in distress!!!!! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jackson's big day!

Jackson started school yesterday, the 5th. He loved it. And I do too. It is only three times a week for 2 1/2 hours, but it is so fun for him and a great experience. He had school today too, and dropping him off was fine, except that Noah wanted to stay with his brother SOOOOO BAD!!! It was sad to see how much Noah wanted to be with Jackson, and couldn't. Next year Noah will get to start and I can't wait. I really need to find something that he can do too. He just barely missed the cut off for school this year. :( So, Noah didn't ride in his car seat on the way home, (6 blocks away) because he was hysterical, but eventually he calmed down and we watched Little Einsteins together on "mommy's bed" so he loved that treat!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You are my life!

So, as most of you know, Jackson is a pathetic eater. He loves anything that has no nutritional value. And his gag reflex is amazing. If something might have a vitamin or nutrient in it, he can barely get it in his mouth. I am not exaggerating. But if it is a huge piece of cake, no problem!!! He can do it. In fact, the bigger piece the better.

So, since Jason and I are sick of how he eats, and how he tells us what he will and will not eat, we are making some serious changes around here. Today was a good example.

It was lunch time and I had told the boys that I needed to go to Babies R Us later. Jackson just wanted to eat graham crackers for lunch. I said, "No way." And he was mad. We went back and forth on this for awhile.

Finally he went to the stairs and was talking under his breath. I warned him that if he didn't come and eat his lunch then he couldn't go to Babies R Us with me. He started crying (fake) and said, "No Mom. I am your life!"

(In teaching Jackson about the dangers of cars and playing in the street or about people taking him, I have told him how much I love him and that I don't know what I would do if I lost him. "You are my life." And it stuck! :) I was laughing pretty hard when he said it to me.

Boston or Bust. . .or Toronto?

This last weekend we all went on another little road trip. Jason was on call on Thursday so that meant that he would be home all day Friday and even had Monday off for the holiday. It was weird. :) So since he was going to be around all weekend we decided to go somewhere new and exciting.

Our original plan was all about Boston. And I was very excited to go there. Even though I knew it wouldn't be enough time to do all of the things I want to do while in Boston, I was still anxious. So, I got us all packed up on Thursday night so that when Jason came home Friday morning we were ready to go. I stayed up until 2am researching what to do while in Boston. As in, what would the kids be able to handle. So, we were set. Packed, planned, and ready to go to Boston!

Jason came home and said, "Want to go to Toronto?"
Jana said, "No."
Jason said, "I think you will love it. It is like New York."
Jana said, "Are you kidding me? I thought we were going to Boston."
Jason. . ."Well, Toronto is so much closer."
Jana. . "Fine."

So, Toronto it is. There were many other things said in the deciding where to go, but I am sparing all of you my boring details. :)
The drive wasn't bad. About 6 hours. And the kids were GREAT. Thank you Honda Odyssey DVD player!!!!! What did our parents do without them? We got there and right away left the hotel for some sight seeing. Toronto is beautiful. And very clean. We kept saying how clean the streets were. And the weather was PERFECT!!!! Right on the water and gorgeous. In fact, Jackson said that when we are done living in Pittsburgh, he would like to move to Toronto. Not to forget that he says that about most places. He wants to live in Utah, Michigan (he remembers Keely and loves her), and California. He has me to thank for that idea. :) Now to work on Jason about it. When he asked if we could move to Toronto and we told him, "No. It is in Canada." He said, "OK, fine. Then can we move to Boston?" :)

(I just want everyone to notice the difference in the boys eating habits.)
So, we went shopping of course. There was a HUGE mall that was packed. It definitely reminded me of New York. But the shopping was a little different. For instance, Baby Gap was about 2 seasons behind. Weird huh? But still cute, no matter when I first saw it. :)
We went on a fun boat ride around the 17 islands on the lake, ate hot dogs on the street, went to China town and it was sick! Pure crap. We went to the CN Tower. We did not go to the top. When Jason got to the window to pay, it was going to be close to $100 dollars for all of us to go to the top. No thanks. That is a rip off. Come on. . . Jason is only a resident!
And we went to the Exhibition. It was BIG!!! That is all I can say. It is just like a gigantic fair. Lots of junky games and toys, exhibits, good food. Speaking of, we had some fantastic dough nuts. Tiny Tims. I think. Or Tiny Toms? Whatever the name . . . DELISH! They are little baby dough nuts and they are hot. Then they put the dozen that you have to buy in a bag with the topping you want and shake it all up. We had white icing. The 12 were gone in a matter of seconds.
At the Exhibition, we went to the air show and it was awesome. I have never been before and I really loved it. the first plane that flew by scared the CRAP out of me. It was louder that I expected. And Noah cried. :) Ellie got scared too. Jumping all around. So, we watched most of the show and some pretty amazing tricks. Someone from the freeway that didn't know what was going on would think the plane was plummeting to the ground. At times, I thought that was going to happen. But it never did. I think I enjoyed it more than the boys. :)
And we did of course ride the street cars. So fun for the boys. They were in heaven! It was so exciting for them. I think Jackson would LOVE NY with all those subways.
We also found the most scrumptious crepe place. Mmmmmmm!!! I am craving one now. Nutella and banana. So good! We had those a couple of times.

And then we came home. But, for the finale of the trip, we stopped at Costco. They are all over there. And it was great fun. Tons of different things. Jackson got a new hoodie. Super cute. And their food court sells chicken strips and fries. Lucky! :)

We had a great time. Lots of walking and good memories. The boys were pretty good, for the most part. We had a lot of fun together and can't wait to go somewhere again. Hopefully Boston.

One of these days we will invest in some nice luggage. Or maybe not even "nice", just a few pieces that will actually hold all of our things. Rather than 9 little random bags. :) (All piled high on our stroller. We are a mess! :)).

Monday, September 3, 2007

It's fixed!

Jason has fixed the video!!! Sorry about the bad post. It worked when I tested it. Enjoy. :) More to come on our trip to Toronto.