Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Say what?!

Oh yeah, look who's back!

It's been a good break, and I come back with a little reservation. I know for most everyone, Jana Smythe and her blog are ancient history. Maybe they always were, but for me, this is nothing short of a miracle. So here I am. I'm back!

This last year has been so great. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my neighborhood, my ward, and living in Utah. It's been awesome. I will always miss my life in Pittsburgh and Ann Arbor. I hold those places so dear to my heart. Always will. I really do think that I could move back to either place and be extremely happy there. But I don't think I want Jason to test me. Too risky.

Jackson, Noah and Ellie are all finishing school in 15 days. I can't believe it. I REALLY can't believe that Jackson will be in 2nd grade. No way! He had a great year. He did EXCELLENT, as I knew he would. Jackson has a gift for remembering everything he reads and hears. Sometimes it really gets on my nerves. :) I am so proud of how well he has done. He won an award in the first few months of school for the outstanding first grader and it was such a fun thing for me to be there and see. He has made some great little buddies, that all live so close of course. :) And he is SUPER DUPER addicted to sports. I can't emphasize that enough. I love it. Watching him play has been a blast. Jason has to remind me cool it on the side lines. You all know how competitive I can get. Can't help it. We play to win! :)

I even did tell the boys last Saturday before their soccer games that even though it's not all about winning, it IS more fun to win. . . so play HARD!

And I know you all agree.Anyway, Jackson also did Jr. Jazz and had so much fun. Basketball soon became Jackson's true love. Like father like son. Now Jackson is on a baseball team for the league here. A bunch of the boys in the neighborhood are all on the same team so it's fun on many levels. Social for me! :)Noah and Ellie have both been at Challenger here and I can't say enough great things about it. Love Challenger!!! Love the teachers!! Love the results!! Noah will stay at Challenger for Kindergarten and Ellie will be there next year for preschool too.

Noah is playing soccer right now is a SUPER soccer player. He's fast and aggressive. Just the way I like it! :)

Ellie has been in dance all year. Her big fancy recital is coming up in 2 weeks. I can't wait. She loves it. So do I. Ellie got into a gymnastics place here that is hard to get into and that starts in a couple of weeks too. She is REALLY excited for that. It's called Jolley's and she has some good little friends in there with her. They only take girls and only when they are 4. I'll keep you posted of how she does. :) Since I know how much everyone cares.Carson. Ahhhh, my little love bug. Truly one of the SWEETEST, cutest little boys out there. Everything about Carson makes me happy. He doesn't throw big fits, he eats well, he loves to share, and he's darling! Carson is a happy little guy and so much fun to have around. He is just figuring his words out and that alone makes me laugh all the time. I love his gibberish! Carson turned 2 in March. And is still ALL smiles.And then there's Kate. What can I say. Pure cute!! Pure juice! Little Katie Bug is addicting. This is why I keep having babies. They are too cute for me to handle. No, not making my announcement. Not at all! But I do love babies. Kate turned one on Saturday the 14th. We didn't do much, but have everyone over (family) for a small and SIMPLE BBQ. My family usually does such great entertaining and yummy food, and I LOVE it. I grew up with such delicious food and fun get togethers. But they are big shoes to fill so I decided to not even try. :) We ate hot dogs. :) How's that for delicious? It was fun to be with everyone and just hang out. I did get to go shopping with my mom and sister Jill during the day. We ended the day with a trip to Cummings. Mmmmmm!
Other than my kids getting bigger and so fun, nothing new is really happening. Jason and I got home from the FUNNEST vacation we have taken together!!! We spent a week in Hawaii, the island Kauai and it was AMAZING! We went with some great friends of ours, Dan and Janie Ward,that we met last year in Ann Arbor doing their fellowship too. They live in Utah now as well so it's fun to get to see them often. Seriously, the funnest trip I can think of. For the first time, I really had no desire to come home. It was actually sad getting on the shuttle to go to the airport. Really sad.More to come soon! Just needed to get a few things out there and updated. Kauai deserves its very own post. :)