Saturday, July 26, 2008

Break is over

Hello!!!!!!! I am finally trying to get back into the blogging world. I had to just delete my google reader and start from scratch. I just didn't/don't have it in me to read 140 new posts. But I am making my way down the list and getting all caught up. Now to update my own life.

We got back from our 1 month trip to Oregon and Utah and it was a great time. ALL of us flew to Oregon to spend a couple of weeks with Jason's family and then Jason went back to Pittsburgh and the rest of us flew to Utah to see my family. Everyone had a wonderful time seeing family and friends and I have to say I loved the extra help with the kids. :)

There are just too many details so I am going to put the slide show in and the pictures will pretty much sum up how much fun we all had. Thanks to our families for having us home and doing so much while we were there. I am sure it can get a bit exhausting have 3 small children around and their parents. But we plan on doing it again next year so too bad! :)

Jason and I were able to visit Spokane for a couple of days and we both really liked it there. If only it was sunny all the time. Why does there have to be so many cold months!!!? We'll see where we end up. We still have plenty of time. But the closer it gets the more I feel like I am really going to miss Pittsburgh.