Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just breathe!

Today was all planned to be wonderful. We woke up at a decent time this morning, had a peaceful breakfast (Noah still threw all his toast on the floor), the boys got their swimming suits on, Ellie took an extra long morning nap and I got to do my run on the treadmill. We ate lunch and got loaded in to the car. We picked up Nadia, the worlds best babysitter and headed to the pool. Yes, I was running a bit late, but it was still going fairly smooth. Keep in mind what it takes to go to the pool for a mom of three under three. I had to pack the bag full of towels, regular diapers, swim diapers, sun screen, water, hats, snacks, swim toys, wipes, and all of my personal things i.e. lip gloss, sunglasses, lotion, gum, blah blah blah. So, here we were. At the pool. I paid the fees, and we set up camp. Applying sun screen is a process as I am terrified of the kids getting skin cancer. You all remember my tan? It is so dark! HA! We are set. In the water we go. And BOOM! Thunder strikes. "Attention Attention. Due to an electrical storm the pool will be closed. Please exit the pool and its facilities." NO WAY!! Do they know what I went through to get there? Mostly I am struggling with the idea of having to take my babysitter home after only 45 minutes. I LOVE having her and I want my days worth. So she stays. We ran errands and she stayed in the car with the kids. That was extra nice. What life was like with just one. Ahhhhhh. . . I dropped Nadia off after a couple of hours and back to the pool to try again. Oh yeah, you read that right. Except this time I did it all without an extra pair of hands. And of course. . . thunder strikes. We all go home, the kids very sad. Me, mad. And now I have to make dinner. BOO!! All the while Noah having one of his usual grand mal seizures. And to be completely honest, grand mal seizure isn't quite describing it accurately. Times it by 50. And then it is closer to how it was. My house was oh so pleasant for a solid hour. What was his fit about? WHO KNOWS!!!!!! Jason came home, we ate dinner and I sent him out to get Max and Erma's cookies. Did anyone know they make white chocolate chip macadamia nut now? Hello! And now I am ending my day just trying to breathe.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Serenity NOW!!!

So today was a real treat. I got the pleasure of taking all 3 kids to the Dr. office for Ellie's 2 month and I wanted to shot myself. It was a nightmare. Picture this. Me all sweaty, Noah FREAKING out, and Jackson sitting all calm, begging for candy while covering his ears to protect his hearing from the deafening screams of his brother. All with sweet little Ellie, naked, begin measured and weighed all by herself. Oh, and not to forget the throwing of a dumb dumb sucker that Noah wanted, but quickly changed his mind on. The whole fit lasted around 15 minutes. Of sheer exhaustion. A nurse is fairly sure that Noah has ADHD. WHAT!? I asked if there is a pill for that now and she said, "Benadryl" as if I have never tried it before! :) I told Jason what she said and he was ticked. Wishing he could have been there. And so was I. For a few brief moments I was secretly wishing every dad in the world could go to the Dr's office with their three small kids and feel what some of us moms get to do far too frequently. :) It was out of control. And nap time FOR SURE the second we walked in the door. Poor little Noah. Does anyone else think that sounds like fun? Because it WASN'T!!! This is seriously not doing it justice!!! I need to shower before bed tonight.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

Tonight was the "real" start of my week. I love this show. I am way too addicted. And I keep wanting to see more of Benji. . . pants on. Even though he became a weirdo since he won last year, I still have a crush. I will only remember the good. . . not the bad! :) The judges were all being extra nice tonight, and Mia seems to always be so rude. It was weird. Hok is becoming my favorite. Minus the braids. Maybe SYTYCD will be on during the regular year and American Idol can take the back seat. I am really getting sick of that show. Lame.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Beginning. . .

My sister Jocelyn is helping me figure this whole blog thing out. It scares me. :) But I am determined!!!! I WILL BLOG! Come back soon for updates.
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