Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just to inform you

As most of you have noticed. . . I have taken a serious break from the blogging world. With having my 5th baby, moving to a new state, a new jopb for my husband, and now dealing with a first grader, and two in preschool . . . it's safe to say my life is busier than ever.

So, I am taking a break.I love blogging. . . sort of. :) But right now my time has to be spent on my crazy family and new home. . .that needs to be furnished desperately. So, bare with me as I get things in order and eventually find the time to get back into this little blog of mine.

While one of my best friends was visiting Utah, she took pictures of my kids and they all turned out so great. Thanks Melanie!!! What would I do without friends with talent?