Friday, February 12, 2010

For Grandma's, Grandpa's and those that love my Carson

My apologies

I remember as a little girl always following my older sister around. She had this friend that lived up the horse trail from us and whenever Jocelyn got to go to her house, I seemed to get to go too. I even remember her name. Kelly O.

I'm sure my mom saw me and Jocelyn as a pair. When you get Jocelyn, you get Jana too.

Score for me. But I know my sister would have had things differently if she was the boss. Lucky for me, she wasn't. I got to do so m
uch with her.

And so it is with Jackson and Noah. I have been thinking about this for awhile now, ever since Jackson started school.

Jackson has made some really good little friends from school and church. He gets invited to so much. And Noah is in a preschool where there is only one other boy his age, and his church class doesn't give him too big of a selection either. So, even though we love his preschool buddy, I wish I could offer Noah more friends.

I haven't made the jump to sending Noah with Ja
ckson wherever he goes, but when Jackson has a friend over to our house. . . well, I see my boys as a pair. If you want Jackson, you get Noah too.

Today, Jackson had a friend over after school. Kian is his name. After playing in the basement for awhile, Noah came upstairs and told me that Kian said he only wanted to play with Jackson. Noah came to tell
me the "news" and so I then called for Jackson to come upstairs.

Noah, "Jackson, come upstairs right now. Mom wa
nts to talk to you."

Noah, "Mom, he's not coming."

Noah, "Jackson. RIGHT NOW!"

Jackson, "Noah, I already know what Mom is going to say. She's going to tell me to 'Start playing with Noah right now or I will call Kian's mom to come pick him up!'"

I was sitting in the living room with Carson, liste
ning to my boys and getting a good laugh form the conversation. It brought back so many memories of when I was little and was such a tag along with my sister.

Dear Jocelyn,
I am so sorry for always making you include me. I can see that might have been a little annoying to you. :) (I know it is to Jackson).

But TOO BAD! My boys come as a pair!!! :)

And so did Jocelyn and Jana.

And here's Ellie Belly helping make brownies. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to help in the kitchen. And my major O.C.D. makes it hard for me to let her. But I want her to love cooking and baking as much as I do so I
am trying hard to let her do all she can. (To an extent. There are some things I just can't let go of). :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend of adventure

My ward here in Ann Arbor has a very neat tradition each year of doing a Relief Society Retreat. It starts Friday night and goes through Saturday afternoon. Some spend the night, some don't. It was one of my best weekends in a very long time.

To put it shortly, it was 2 days of laughing so much it hurt and being extremely spiritually fed.

On Friday night, after a hilarious display if lip syncs and delicious food, we watched an inspiring movie called "Celebrating What's RIGHT With The World" and if you ever get the opportunity to watch this video, I highly recommend it. I loved it for so many different reasons.

Saturday was breakfast and some incredible women s
haring life experiences that strengthened all of us. Then a few classes and home I went.

I think if I ever get called to a Relief Society calling, I would seriously like to do something just like this.

Then Saturday night Jason went to work and I was going about with my normal business. I called the kids to the table for dinner a
nd they all came running.

Then I heard Jackson crying his little heart out an
d I went to see what was wrong. Normally I hear crying and I tell all of the kids to please stop it and get to the table. . . or wherever I am calling them to. But I could tell this time Jackson was hurt.

I was hugging him and telling him to just take a deep breath. He finally did and I asked him to show me where he was hurt. He touched
his ear and I took a look.

I called my dear Farrah and she came right over. Jackson and I left to the ER for some stitches. Jackson was scared and worried about it, but he was great. I ended up calling some of our good friends here that is a fellow in facial plastics for ENT. He told me the oral surgery guys were on call and not to let them do the stitches. :)

We left the ER after about an hour and headed to target for a new DS game for being so brave.

Dan (fellow) came over to our house, stitches in hand and did the whole thing on the kitchen counter. He had to give Jackson a shot in his ear for the numbing and Jackson did great.

Three stitches later and my son was whole again.

Thanks Dan. You have no idea how happy I am that we are all moving to Utah. I plan to live very close to you.