Sunday, September 21, 2008


I had heard from a couple of my friends here that Wicked was doing a lottery for tickets to Wicked. A bunch of my friends actually went to the show and I decided not to go since I had seen it awhile back. But hearing all of them talk about it made me sad to have missed it. So Libby and I tried to do the lottery and got in!!

Our seats were front and center and it was awesome. I actually loved it so much more than when I saw it in NYC. Thanks Libby for leaving your new born and coming along. It was so fun and totally worth it.

And THANK YOU lottery man. I love you for picking me.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The first day!

It has been awhile since I have updated, and I have no excuses other having nothing too interesting to tell. But today I have a blog worthy entry.

Jackson and Noah started school today. And for Noa
h, it was his FIRST day of school ever. Jackson has already been to two years of pre-school so this was no big scary thing for him. He was just so ready and excited to start school. Noah did great too. He was a little shy, but still kept asking me when I was going to leave. I asked him, "Why? Do you want me to go?" And he said. "Yes. Leave." :) But when it came time to actually talk to his teachers, he wanted me RIGHT there. They both looked so cute in their back packs. Noah was LOVING it. I really liked the teachers, their classrooms and all the fun things they have planned for the kids. I am glad there are people that love their job so much and love all these (MY) kids so much. It gives me a lot of comfort knowing they are in good hands with people that really do care about them. But please don't mistake me for the crying mom out in the parking lot. I am glad to have them go and experience new things and build their character. And I am seriously glad to have a little less noise in the back round for 2 1/2 hours. So, here's to another fun and wonderful year of school.

I took a picture of Noah with his teachers, but they weren't on the camera when I went to upload them. So, I will be taking another next time. And I had to promise Noah a piece of candy to smile in his. All for nothing.