Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just an update.

This is simply a quick update of the last few weeks.Here is Ellie getting into the sunscreen. Nothing new. But I was mad. Not mad enough to forget to take a picture though. :) Grease ball!!!Jackson learned to ride a bike without training wheels and I promised him a new bike if he could do it. And he did. Anything for a new bike. And I am so glad he can do it without those lame training wheels. Now for Noah. :)
We had a very fun 4th of July here in Ann Arbor with some new friends. It was a busy day, and so memorable. Delicious food and great people. And such a fun parade. The kids loved decorating their scooters and bikes and showing some USA pride!!! Not to mention I loved doing it too. :) I get teased a lot because I tend to say that every holiday is my favorite. I can't help it. I really do love the 4th. And Valentine's Day. And Halloween. And Christmas. (Duh. That's a given). But I thought it would be really fun to get some good fireworks for the kids (since it is my favorite day) and I am glad I did. I was the coolest mom of the night. Totally worth it. The 4th is my favorite holiday you know.
And we went back to Pittsburgh to go see Les Miserables. LOVED IT!!! I will never forget the first time I saw it in London with my wonderful friend Krissy. We made fun of the super ugly "Les Mis" clothes they were selling and said they were so hideous and blah blah blah. And who left the theater that night with a full blown Les Mis sweatshirt? ME and KRISSY!!! Both of us bawling our eyes out. And seeing it in Pittsburgh I cried just as hard. We went with the Miracles and I am sure Libby and Jason were wondering if I was going to be alright while listening to me sob. Do you remember the movie Meet Joe Black? I was a complete mess, to put it lightly. So, picture that at Les Mis. I love you Jean Valjean.It has been a good month. I actually can't believe that summer is this far along. Thank goodness for Labor Day. That is my favorite holiday ever!!! :)

This was the day that Jackson figured it out. We bought the bigger bike that night and now that training wheels are back on this one for Noah.

Friday, July 10, 2009


This post is for my memory. I am sitting here reading the Pioneer Woman blog (I have a secret crush on her) and I read the word "Virile". I didn't know what it meant so I asked Jason to tell me. He said, "How is it used?"

I said, "He's rugged and virile."

Then Jason went on and on about how he didn't really know and I kept saying,"Yes you do. What does it mean?"

Then he says, "It sounds like there it means, S-E-X-Y"

I said, "Oh."

Jackson says to his dad, "What does S-E-X-Y mean?"

Jason said "what?"

Jackson said, "S-E-X-Y? What does it mean?"

Jason said, "Ahhh, like cool. Like that's cool."

I hope that Jackson doesn't use that word ever to describe how Noah does a "cool" trick on his bike or while playing sports. Or maybe even while Noah is dancing around.

"Oh, Noah, that is so S-E-X-Y!"

Why was that so funny to me? I guess because it is late and I just shoved my face full of these.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ellie May Clampett

June 11. Our first visit to the pediatric dentist. And then there were 17.While we were visiting in Salt Lake during May, my brother Kevin was playing with Ellie. We were all joking around about how she is a bit of a hill-billy. You know, with the mullet, never keeping her clothes on, and a dead tooth in the front that I had no clue how it ever got that way. So, while Kevin was tickling Ellie and playing with her, he happened to notice a huge abscess on her gums above the dead tooth. (Kevin is a dentist so I am sure he was enjoying the find). Kevin said I would have to get the tooth pulled. Can you imagine what I felt?!!!! My little girl without a front tooth?!!!! And to be honest, if it had happened to one of the boys, I think I would have been much more relaxed about the whole thing. But no, their teeth are fine. Except Jackson has a dead tooth too. And Noah is begging for one. He thinks they are the "coolest".

I had a couple different dentists look at her an
d tell me what they thought and it had to be done. The tooth came out.
So, while we were visiting in Pittsburgh for Jason's graduation, I made an appointment to get it out. Ellie was SUPER brave and so sweet. The dentist was pretty awesome too. She was so good with her and so patient. I went back with Ellie for the procedure and Ellie was talking up a storm to the dentist. She let her count her teeth and then it was time for the shot. Ellie felt it, and cried. And shortly thereafter, she gave the tooth a little tug and it was out. I will say Ellie was amazing even though she did cry her little heart out. She is only 2, and barely that.
For the first week or two it was all I noticed when I would look at her. But like all the moms told me, you won't even notice it. I don't know about not noticing it, but I actually don't mind it. Having a missing tooth suits Ellie. :) She is beautiful no matter how many teeth she has.

The tooth fairy came with some pretty fun things. Ellie loves Ariel and got a new Ariel beach towel, Ariel sunglasses, and Ariel flip flops. The tooth fairy is pretty awesome when you have to have a tooth pulled. I had to make that very clear to the boys. :)