Sunday, May 16, 2010

Introducing. . .


May 14, 2010
8 lbs. 4 oz
20 1/4 inches
Kate was born at 6:27am on Friday. Everything went great. I was admitted to the hospital on Thursday night/Friday morning and she was born a few hours later.

Last Saturday I was sure I was in labor so I called my friend Michelle to come over while Jason and I went to the hospital. One hour later we were back at home. NOT in labor. :) My fifth child and I still don't know???

I had an appointment on Thursday morning. I was dilated to a 4, 50% effaced. She thought I would have that baby any time. I told her I'd see her next week.

That night Jason and I went to dinner and had Farrah come babysit. I was getting some pretty strong contractions at dinner and decided against dessert. That's when I knew I was in labor. :) Dinner was AWESOME by the way. The Prickley Pear on Main Street. I loved it. Mmmmm!! I had fajitas which is funny since that was my last meal I ate before Jackson was born.

We went home, put the kids to bed and I laid down. Jason kept telling me we should go to the hospital, but I didn't want to be sent home again so I kept trying to wait it out. I ended up calling Michelle again because the pain was getting worse, an
d every 3 minutes. My labors tend to go fast and the fear of missing out on the epidural was too much!!

Michelle came over and we headed out. They checked me in triage and said they wanted to keep monitoring me for another 1-2 hours. Within 45 minutes I insisted they check me and get me some medicine. I was admitted.

We got to my room, around 1:30am, and the IV specialists came in. I was paranoid about getting the IV. I cried. And kept telling the nurses, "I'm not ready." They were really patient with me. But finally just did it. It hurt. Then I had a sm
all fainting episode. But that's nothing new. I have never had a baby without at least one major pass out.

I got my epidural right after the IV. Heaven. They did some sort of sensory test on me with a toothpick and that's when the big pass out happened. Maybe it reminded me of a needle? I don't know. But the next thing I new everyone was yelling my name and an oxygen mask was suctioned to my face. Except it was the smallest mask in the world and was pinching all my cheek fat. Rude. My heart rate dropped to 35 and after several minutes I was able to keep my eyes open. Barely. This was around 3am.

I fell asleep a little later, only to wake up to some MAJOR itching. ALL over my body. It was the meds in the epidural and I wanted to claw my skin off. They gave me some Benadryl in my IV and was OUT. Within seconds. Around 4:30am.

Then the midwife came in to check me. She broke my water and warned me of the pressure I would start to feel. She was right. This was at 5:30am. I called her back in the room at 6:15am DYING to push. She was casually getting some things out and I said, "She's coming!!! Now!!" Anne, the midwife sat on the end of the bed and out came Kate. I pushed for a total of 7 minutes. It was fast. And it hurt. But at least she is here and I am NOT pregnant. That's the best news yet. That and having a healthy, beautiful, perfect, little baby girl.

Kate came out screaming. Literally. Her hand was stuck up by her ear and gave herself a little bruise. Maybe it hurt her. But whatever it was, she was mad. I was still pretty exhausted from the Benadryl so Jason ended up holding her for awhile. She nursed right away. . . and did great. Then she didn't eat again for 13 more hours. Which was fine by me. :)

The pediatricians came in , checked her and she ended up needing some extra tests for turning blue. She is still doing it, but her test were normal so I assume it will pass. The hospital here only lets you stay for 24 hours so it was a fast time in the hospital. But I was glad to leave. They don't take your baby to the nursery so I'd rather be at home anyway. Lame hospital. (I had to get a picture of the 2 pediatricians checking her out. She ended up pooping for them, then peeing all over. And it took both men to get her put back together).

Kate has already made a major impact on my heart. I love
everything about her. And I am so happy she is here. Now to get some sleep. I miss that already.