Monday, December 31, 2007

What a season to be merry!

I can't believe that Christmas is already over. It seems like we just barely had Halloween.

This was our first year to stay at our home in Pittsburgh for Christmas and I loved it!!! My mom and dad came for the week, (my mom is still her :)) and we had a wonderful time. My kids were especially happy to have them come, and then hearing that Grandma was going to stay another week?!!!! Life couldn't be better.

We had fun building a ginger bread house with Grandma and Grandpa and licking all the candy and frosting right off. The elves came to the house to bring our Christmas jammies, Grandpa read the boys some classic stories and the quote to remember was when Noah put his head down on the carpet and said, "I can't stay awake." He was trying so hard and just couldn't do it anymore. There was lots of shopping, cooking and just having a great time together. It really was wonderful to be at our home this year.

Christmas morning was fantastic. Santa left lots of toys for the kids and they were gleaming with smiles. When I asked Jackson what his favorite toy was he said, "The Polar Express Train." WHAT!!! That isn't even from Santa. So . . thanks Dad. We should have just let you be his Christmas. :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jackson and Nora sitting in a tree. . .

Jackson had his school Chirstmas party a couple of weeks ago and he especially enjoyed his quality time with his little girlfriend Nora. She is darling. Jackson told me about three months ago that he knew who he was going to marry.
He said, "Want to know who I am going to marry?" And I said, "Yeah, who?" And he said, "Nora."
I asked him how he knew that and Jackson said, "Because she told me so."
Welcome to your life Jack. We girls are the bosses!! :) Always will be.

I am still alive!

Did anyone wonder where I have been? Our computer died on us a couple of weeks ago and I have been out of the blogging world ever since. But my brilliant husband fixed it, (who knows how) and now I am back. So get set!! I have some serious catching up to do. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I need some help

Hi people. I just sent an email asking for your addresses. If you did not receive that email, it is most likely because it didn't go through or something. So, can you please email me your current address for Christmas cards. It isn't much, so don't expect to see a family picture of all of us. It is just the kids. And that was hard enough to do. :) So, I just need addresses now please. My email is Thanks everyone!!! Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Time to SIT

The perfect calling is finally mine. I know what you are all thinking, "She doesn't know what she is talking about. I am the Relief Society President or the Primary President or even the gospel doctrine teacher and those are the perfect callings." (HAHA!!) But WRONG!!!! Activity Chairperson is by far the best. If you asked me yesterday or even last Wednesday, I would have felt very strongly the opposite.

I was called about a month ago and honestly I was very excited about it. Party planning? Hello? Jana? PERFECT!!! Originally there was no budget for the Christmas party. Waaaa!!! Who plans a party with no budget? I know some of you are creative enough and "wise" enough for that, but me? Are you kidding? And in the end, I was given enough money to plan and prepare for a wonderful night. And most importantly, a committee. :)

I spent much of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in my kitchen and at the church. Exhausted. But the party was a great success and t
he food was excellent. Or so I was told. Maybe people are just saying the "right" thing like the way so many do after someone has just given a rather boring talk in sacrament. You know you have all done that. But I do think the party went great.

The Primary did a superb job at the nativity. The chaos is what makes it so good. We had a few BEAUTIFUL musical numbers. And SANTA came
!!!!! I even told a few of the girls I saw his sleigh in the sky and one little girl ran to the window doors and stuck her face there until he really did come. They were falling for it hard. Noah was too freaked out to sit on his lap. :) I really owe a HUGE thanks to Melanie for doing all she did. And Zach too. What would I have done without your help? We owe Zach majorly for his babysitting skills. Did you use a tank of gas for those stupid table cloths? I never even had to ask for your help. Thank you!

And thank you to Libby for all you did. It is amazing what a mom can do with a baby in her arms at the same time. :) You set a beautiful table. :) I know it was hard to do everything you did with a husband at work and studying so much. I REALLY appreciate all you did!! Thank you to all my friends not on the activities committee for everything you did to help. Bake, babysit, serve, clean, you name it. I have been very blessed with great friends.

And here is why my calling is the best. Yes, it is CRAZY the week of the event and especially the day of. But when it is done and the mess is all cleaned up, I can just sit and relax until the next one. I am especially loving that my calling does not require any public speaking. I hate that. Seriously. And again. . .I get to plan parties!!! :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just because

I had to get those little boots because. . .did you see them?!!!

Anyone that knows my little Noah knows that this is his FAVORITE sleeping position EVER. Once those arms go behind his head, I know he is toast! :)
Jackson's version of "quiet time." In the basement, on the futon, on top of his chair, "not sleeping" and NOT watching Spongebob. He better not be! :)
She is just pure JUICE!