Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Boston or Bust. . .or Toronto?

This last weekend we all went on another little road trip. Jason was on call on Thursday so that meant that he would be home all day Friday and even had Monday off for the holiday. It was weird. :) So since he was going to be around all weekend we decided to go somewhere new and exciting.

Our original plan was all about Boston. And I was very excited to go there. Even though I knew it wouldn't be enough time to do all of the things I want to do while in Boston, I was still anxious. So, I got us all packed up on Thursday night so that when Jason came home Friday morning we were ready to go. I stayed up until 2am researching what to do while in Boston. As in, what would the kids be able to handle. So, we were set. Packed, planned, and ready to go to Boston!

Jason came home and said, "Want to go to Toronto?"
Jana said, "No."
Jason said, "I think you will love it. It is like New York."
Jana said, "Are you kidding me? I thought we were going to Boston."
Jason. . ."Well, Toronto is so much closer."
Jana. . "Fine."

So, Toronto it is. There were many other things said in the deciding where to go, but I am sparing all of you my boring details. :)
The drive wasn't bad. About 6 hours. And the kids were GREAT. Thank you Honda Odyssey DVD player!!!!! What did our parents do without them? We got there and right away left the hotel for some sight seeing. Toronto is beautiful. And very clean. We kept saying how clean the streets were. And the weather was PERFECT!!!! Right on the water and gorgeous. In fact, Jackson said that when we are done living in Pittsburgh, he would like to move to Toronto. Not to forget that he says that about most places. He wants to live in Utah, Michigan (he remembers Keely and loves her), and California. He has me to thank for that idea. :) Now to work on Jason about it. When he asked if we could move to Toronto and we told him, "No. It is in Canada." He said, "OK, fine. Then can we move to Boston?" :)

(I just want everyone to notice the difference in the boys eating habits.)
So, we went shopping of course. There was a HUGE mall that was packed. It definitely reminded me of New York. But the shopping was a little different. For instance, Baby Gap was about 2 seasons behind. Weird huh? But still cute, no matter when I first saw it. :)
We went on a fun boat ride around the 17 islands on the lake, ate hot dogs on the street, went to China town and it was sick! Pure crap. We went to the CN Tower. We did not go to the top. When Jason got to the window to pay, it was going to be close to $100 dollars for all of us to go to the top. No thanks. That is a rip off. Come on. . . Jason is only a resident!
And we went to the Exhibition. It was BIG!!! That is all I can say. It is just like a gigantic fair. Lots of junky games and toys, exhibits, good food. Speaking of, we had some fantastic dough nuts. Tiny Tims. I think. Or Tiny Toms? Whatever the name . . . DELISH! They are little baby dough nuts and they are hot. Then they put the dozen that you have to buy in a bag with the topping you want and shake it all up. We had white icing. The 12 were gone in a matter of seconds.
At the Exhibition, we went to the air show and it was awesome. I have never been before and I really loved it. the first plane that flew by scared the CRAP out of me. It was louder that I expected. And Noah cried. :) Ellie got scared too. Jumping all around. So, we watched most of the show and some pretty amazing tricks. Someone from the freeway that didn't know what was going on would think the plane was plummeting to the ground. At times, I thought that was going to happen. But it never did. I think I enjoyed it more than the boys. :)
And we did of course ride the street cars. So fun for the boys. They were in heaven! It was so exciting for them. I think Jackson would LOVE NY with all those subways.
We also found the most scrumptious crepe place. Mmmmmmm!!! I am craving one now. Nutella and banana. So good! We had those a couple of times.

And then we came home. But, for the finale of the trip, we stopped at Costco. They are all over there. And it was great fun. Tons of different things. Jackson got a new hoodie. Super cute. And their food court sells chicken strips and fries. Lucky! :)

We had a great time. Lots of walking and good memories. The boys were pretty good, for the most part. We had a lot of fun together and can't wait to go somewhere again. Hopefully Boston.

One of these days we will invest in some nice luggage. Or maybe not even "nice", just a few pieces that will actually hold all of our things. Rather than 9 little random bags. :) (All piled high on our stroller. We are a mess! :)).


Lisa said...

You are a brave woman to drag those 6 kids around like that (Okay 3, but doesn't it feel like 6?). Sounds like fun though, I wish we could have come but when I mentioned it to Shawn he looked at me like "yeah right!"

Jocelyn said...

Fun weekend trip! You could live in Toronto. Actually I'm not sure about the laws but I thought if you wanted to live there you could. I want to at least visit. Sounded fun. Funny that Costco has different things there in our neighbor to the North. I love all the pictures... especially how much Noah will look right at the camera. I noticed right away Ellie's sunburn... and remember what a freak you are with the sunscreen. You totally gave her a farmer's tan. Nice one.

Brooklet said...

I love how you went all the way to toronto to go shopping at Costco!

The weather does look beautiful there and it looks like you all had a good time (at least in the pictures no one was crying!!).

Rachel said...

sounds like fun. i was looking at the pictures and saw the one of Jason with all the kids and that made me laugh cause you're taking the picture of course but lets pretend you're riding the matterhorn or something. wind in your hair.. not a care in the world. I am totally moving to Canada. national healthcare and horse cops. I love that place

Tanya said...

Ya, don't give little Noah a complex. Pretty soon he'll start acting just as you describe him all the time. What do I know?? Nothing! That's just what everyone tells me. But I did start to wonder when I read that paragraph, so I'm glad you clarified at the end. Sounds like a fun trip. I only went to Toronto once when I lived in AA.

Kimo said...

Sounds like a fun trip. But, just so you know that if you do want to plan a trip to Boston in the future, we live only about two hours south. You could break up your trip with a stop to visit your bestest ever friend:)!

Libby said...

I love it! The pictures are so cute!! Next trip Boston for sure!

Abbigail said...

wow! What a trip! I love Toronto and would love to go there again. I don't know what it would be like to travel with three kids. I can hardly handle the one. Such cute photos. Good work. We would also love living in Toronto.

Trimbles said...

What a trip! Im glad you had fun. And I agree that there is nothing better in this world then banana and nutella crepes! And yes, you should come live in Cali. I dont think Ill ever get Christopher to leave again! :)