Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

Tonight was the "real" start of my week. I love this show. I am way too addicted. And I keep wanting to see more of Benji. . . pants on. Even though he became a weirdo since he won last year, I still have a crush. I will only remember the good. . . not the bad! :) The judges were all being extra nice tonight, and Mia seems to always be so rude. It was weird. Hok is becoming my favorite. Minus the braids. Maybe SYTYCD will be on during the regular year and American Idol can take the back seat. I am really getting sick of that show. Lame.


emily said...

Um, hello I didn't even know you had a blog! I just saw your name on Carly's list and decided to check it JUST in case it was you! I love little Ellie....she is ADORABLE! And so are you and Jackson and Noah. How do you handle 3 LITTLE kids????

Jana said...

I know. . can you believe I have a blog? Welcome to the 21st. century right? About time. And I already added your blog to my list. I am still figuring out how to make it cute. . so don't expect anything! And 3 kids? All I can say is YIKES!!! Take your birth control for a sane life.

Brooklet said...

I felt bad after I left your house that I might have rubbed Jocelyn the wrong way since I bagged on benji, Faina, and her remote control habits! I meant nothing but love.

But the whole Benji thing- he annoys me more than he did last year, and I was pretty annoyed with him last year!!!!

I was a little suprised the Faina went home (because it seems mary's favorites stay on past their appropriate life expectancies)- but I was downright shocked when they kept Cedric and sent home the other guy. I am assuming they sent home the other guy because he is forgettable (see, I don't remember his name) but he seemed like a much better overall dancer. Holy cow, this comment could have been a post in itself.

To make a long comment short (too late), This week I really liked shauna and was glad Fiana when home.