Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nothing much

I really don't have much to say, but have been feeling some pressure to update my blog. I have to admit, I still check every one's daily, and feel the same disappointment when some blogs are still dating back to July. You know who you are!!! :)

This weekend has been fun. I had a wonderful girls night out last night. Shopping, dinner and then a movie. It was more of a girls afternoon/night. Jason was post call so it worked out perfectly. Aside from the fact that it had been 9 hours since I had last nursed Ellie and had another 6 to go when I walked in the door until she would wake up and want to eat. I was pumping almost instantly as I walked through the front door. And lets just say, my milk is so NOT drying up.

We saw Becoming Jane. It was very good, and also a bit sad. And long. (The long part may be coming form the discomfort I was feeling as my milk continually came in every time I switched positions in my chair.) Which I know is nothing to my extremely pregnant friend that sat on the side of me. She is dilated to a 5 and 100% effaced. And walking around as if everything is normal. We also had the pleasure of sitting 3 rows from the front. That was a treat. One that I haven't had the joy of since I think I was 7!!!!! I had to roll my eyes back and forth to catch the whole scene. Lucky for me there weren't too many action packed adventures in this one.

Speaking of action movies. Jason and I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum last weekend and it was great. The camera was shaky, but I really liked it. So, Jason and I got seated and Ellie was with us too. The first sound she made I quickly began nursing and planned to spend the movie doing just that. She was wonderful. The young man (or pervert) sitting in front of us turns around and says, "She was so good. Not a peep out of her." I said, "Yeah, she was nursing the whole time." and he said, "Yeah, I am going home to nurse too." And smacked his girlfriend on the butt.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!!! Jason and I sat there is silence. Our faces all squished up in amazement. Who says that? Barf. I did give a courtesy laugh because I really was caught off guard. Normally, anyone who knows me knows it would have taken all my strength to bite my tongue, but I think I started dry heaving instead.

So, back to last night. After the movie we all hung around on the corner and just talked about the usual. Birth, husbands, shampoos (lol), clothes, and OF COURSE. . . . .Eclipse. Is everyone loving it as much as me? Wow. I have loved reading those books. Very entertaining. And easy. Which is why I love them. They are so light. Well, sort of. I did have a few nightmares when I was reading Twilight. Jason was on call and so I was all alone and fearing vampires. They are fake right? Ha. Which is why I am up at this late hour. I read Eclipse and to avoid another restless night of werewolves and vampires I had to put the book down and do some blogging.

And that is my update. Nothing funny or exciting. Just my day to day. Not really day to day. I wish GNO was a day to day thing. But Jason has reminded me so often that the money tree I live off of DOES NOT EXIST!!! :)

Tomorrow is church. I wonder if I will be getting a new calling since the one I have now is moving to a different building. I was supposedly working with the Spanish group as the Relief Society leader. But seeing that I had a baby and that I pretended to not know it was my calling, (kidding. . . kind of), I am pretty sure I will be getting released. :) So, another day awaits me that I have to get up and make breakfast and then clean up all the spilled milk.

The pictures are just for fun. Clearly not anything I have talked about. Although, that pic of Noah asleep on the table is a classic. Just one day with no nap and that is the outcome. Or maybe he was faking it so he wouldn't have to eat his left over chicken nuggets. Whatever the reason. . . it meant early bedtime!!!! I carried him upstairs, changed his diaper and put him in his crib. All without even so much as cracking an eye lid. The skills of a mom. :)


Jocelyn said...

I want to see both of those movies! That guy was a total perv saying that to strangers. Weirdo. I love that Noah loves to hold Ellie and talk to her. The pictures are cute and he is so sweet sleeping on the table. Funny stuff!

Jana said...

thanks for leaving a comment. :)

wackywilsons said...

Even you make your day to day things sound funny and the "get up tomorrow and clean up the spilled milk" comment b/c that is so what we do everyday!

GNO are truly just an answer to my prayers as well...we need our space and time to remember that we are girls again!

I noticed your comment to Amberly...did you know that I know her too? Do you know her from Cottonwood? I know her from SUU:)

And don't worry, I check up on blogs all the time too..just want you to post them daily! you are so fun to read about....

Give Ellie a squeeze for me

Sandy said...

I laughed out loud when I read the part about the perv. Mayah was wondering what I was laughing about and I said just Jana's funny life!! I love reading the everyday things b/c that's all we ever have going on around here too.

Sandy said...
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Tanya said...

Thanks so much for the cute package! Are you trying to show me up because I haven't mailed yours yet? You are just more on the ball than me, but it's coming this week, evne though it's more for you. I'll send you a pic of Lars wearing it. Ok, your GNO sounds fun!

McKelle said...

Sounds like fun. Wish I had some friends here that believed in getting away from the husband and kids for a few hours...or didn't have to be the relief society president. Whatever! I hate that you have friends besides me. They are only your friends because they feel bad for you. I'm your only true friend.

Brooklet said...

Good post!! Lots of good stuff- especially the perv at the movies. I am still laughing at that one.

Cute pics of Noah and Ellie- poor tired Noah!!

I had a great time at the GNO, and McKelle-- We are true friends of Jana's! Well, maybe its just because she makes good cookies, I'm not sure. But she sure does make us laugh.

Sandy said...

You are way to nice (refering to the blog comment) I only do easy to figure out stuff b/c I am soooo computer dumb!! Anyways I found that song on the www.onetruemedia's called Amazing by Janelle. Isn't it great though? I was loving it when I heard it. Hopefully you check your comments often like I do so you see this info!

Trimbles said...

YES! Eclipse! LOVED IT. Having withdrawels... Im so totally in love with Edward its retarded and I cant wait until next fall for the 4th. Dang. So if you go to my blog I found this article that is the first chapter of midnight sun which is the first chapter of Twlight from Edwards perspective. Its good... she needs to write faster dang it!

Rachel said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy with your little cuties. I need to see ellie in real life. I just can not believe how big they are all getting. I miss you bad