Friday, August 3, 2007

To the park!

So, today we went to the park to get a little exercise in and it was HOT HOT HOT. It was Jackson and Noah in the double jogger, Ellie in the bjorn and me all sick and sweaty. I met up with a friend there (we both just had our third baby and are desperately trying to loose a little extra baggage if you know what I mean).

As we were walking Debi, my friend saw a furry caterpillar and wanted to share that with her 5 year old daughter. Ewww. I backed away so they could do that little moment by themselves. Anyone who knows me AT ALL knows I H-A-T-E bugs. And especially spiders. I can not believe I ever played in a creek when I was little and caught crawdads. That is so nasty. (I just called Jason, he is at work tonight as usual, to ask him how to spell "crawdad" and he goes, "You know what those are?" And I said, "I am so sure. YES." and he again questions me, "Those little lobster type things?") And then a little throw up came into my throat! So, once again, I can not believe I ever touched them. Back to the caterpillar. When we stopped to look at it, the heat set in and I could feel the wet dripping down my back. I had to get Ellie off of me!

We finished our walk and when I took her off, my tank top was a perfect outline of her squished up body on me. A little cute I know. But also too sweaty for my liking!

The kids played on the playground there and then we went home. We stopped at the gas station to get our fix for the day (aka diet coke) and then went on. Debi has three little ones like me. So, she sat in her Odyssey while I ran in and then I did the same for her in my odyssey.

For any of you that wonder why we wold go to a park to walk, well, refer back to my "Rained Out post and you will see that all of Pittsburgh is made of big hills. And like I said there, or at least was thinking, it is no good walking with all those kids up the hill. I guess if I did do that I might not have such a hard time getting rid of some of this weight. :) But I love the challenge!!! HAHA. And the park is ALL flat. That's right. . . FLAT!!!! And heaven sent. :)

So, what I am saying is that it was hot and sticky today. This humidity can really feel gross and even a little on edge. On the way home, I looked at my arm and saw thousands of little grains of salt. SWEAT SALT! (I have to admit, I licked my arm just to see). :) Salty. Thank you Pittsburgh.


Gareth & Kari said...

Jana Banana! From reading your recent post it was confirmed that you haven't changed a bit! You're still the fun-loving, crazy and adorable person I love! I added your blog link to my blog so I'll be watching you too!

PS - holy moly when did you have three kids?!

Brooklet said...

You licked the salt!! Love it!

You are even afraid of fuzzy catepillars??? Well, if you are afraid of Harry Potter, I guess nothing would phase me.

I can't even imagine going out into this weather, unless its to hop in the airconditioned car right way. It is soooooo yucky! Even in the morning its too sticky for me. That is dedication!!

Jana said...

I am only dedicated to fitting into my pants again. I don't really like having to work out. In fact, I hate it. And about the salt. . . I don't know what came over me. I am sick. :) I think we might go see harry Potter tonight. But I am sure to have nightmares. I had one a few nights ago about Twilight. SCAAAAARY!

Amberly said...

I agree with Hark, you're still a riot- no bugs, no sweat, just give me pina coladas in the shade please! I'm glad you're enjoying where you are, even with the horrid humidity!

Jocelyn said...

That picture of Noah reading that book is so cute! Is that the same book he used to love to have read to him and would get so excited every time you turned the page? Remember that? That was hilarious! Wasn't it the counting book or something? Oh that was so cute when he would do that!

You're gross with the salt licking.

Tanya said...

You are a nicer mom than I am. I just make Landon & Maili walk. Not that they would ride in a stroller anyway - unless it's the bench seat.

Kimo said...

Yo Jana! So I got to your blog through brooklet's and I'm ready to make you jealous! Yeah, okay, it has been really hot and humid here in CT these past few weeks too, but we only live 20 to 30 mins from the beach, so we can cool off in the ocean! Of course, I don't have any friends yet to hang out with, but who needs friends right? Rachel and I are thinking of getting an apartment together in Pgh. so we can have friends again. (we seem to be in the same 'no friends to be found on either coast' boat).

Trimbles said...

Twilight as in the book by Stephanie Meyer??? And the whole salt thing and bugs !!! HAHA, did you ever visit El Bolson, our apt was FULL of earwigs!!! It was so disgusting! Ewww, shivers down my spine! :)