Friday, February 12, 2010

My apologies

I remember as a little girl always following my older sister around. She had this friend that lived up the horse trail from us and whenever Jocelyn got to go to her house, I seemed to get to go too. I even remember her name. Kelly O.

I'm sure my mom saw me and Jocelyn as a pair. When you get Jocelyn, you get Jana too.

Score for me. But I know my sister would have had things differently if she was the boss. Lucky for me, she wasn't. I got to do so m
uch with her.

And so it is with Jackson and Noah. I have been thinking about this for awhile now, ever since Jackson started school.

Jackson has made some really good little friends from school and church. He gets invited to so much. And Noah is in a preschool where there is only one other boy his age, and his church class doesn't give him too big of a selection either. So, even though we love his preschool buddy, I wish I could offer Noah more friends.

I haven't made the jump to sending Noah with Ja
ckson wherever he goes, but when Jackson has a friend over to our house. . . well, I see my boys as a pair. If you want Jackson, you get Noah too.

Today, Jackson had a friend over after school. Kian is his name. After playing in the basement for awhile, Noah came upstairs and told me that Kian said he only wanted to play with Jackson. Noah came to tell
me the "news" and so I then called for Jackson to come upstairs.

Noah, "Jackson, come upstairs right now. Mom wa
nts to talk to you."

Noah, "Mom, he's not coming."

Noah, "Jackson. RIGHT NOW!"

Jackson, "Noah, I already know what Mom is going to say. She's going to tell me to 'Start playing with Noah right now or I will call Kian's mom to come pick him up!'"

I was sitting in the living room with Carson, liste
ning to my boys and getting a good laugh form the conversation. It brought back so many memories of when I was little and was such a tag along with my sister.

Dear Jocelyn,
I am so sorry for always making you include me. I can see that might have been a little annoying to you. :) (I know it is to Jackson).

But TOO BAD! My boys come as a pair!!! :)

And so did Jocelyn and Jana.

And here's Ellie Belly helping make brownies. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to help in the kitchen. And my major O.C.D. makes it hard for me to let her. But I want her to love cooking and baking as much as I do so I
am trying hard to let her do all she can. (To an extent. There are some things I just can't let go of). :)


Elise said...

Ellie is such a cutie with her missing tooth and chocolate face!! I totally know how Noah feels, I hated getting left out of whatever my older brothers were doing! But I'm sure I annoyed the heck out of them.

McKelle said...

Yeah, too bad Jocelyn wasn't the boss...because YOU always were. Get me some water! Get me a cookie! I had leukemia! Bossy cow.

Rachel said...

she is so freaking cute!! I am dying to meet her. I love that your boys interact so much, even if it is a little forced. I had Kade over the other day and he & Luke spent the entire time avoiding Audrey. She never stopped chasing them though. I wish they wanted to be friends.

Rachel said...

Did McKelle just call you bossy cow? boooo! block her. :)

The Karrens said...

My girls come as a pair don't feel too bad. Jackson reminds me of Izzie so much. I've always told the girls that they will have lots of good friends in their life, but they will always be each others best friends...BTW, I don't know who McKelle is, but she is kind of hilarious :)

Brooklet said...

yeah, but I bet when friends aren't around, noah is Jackson's best friend. I think Jackson would be more sad if Noah didn't want to hang around him.

The Burly said...

I don't know why your sister story almost made me cry, must be my prego hormones or I'm feeling super nostalgic:) My little sis and I were very similar. she always wanted to follow and do the things I did. Looking back I wish she could have kept following me.Ohwell. Anyways I appologize formy goosh. Your family is full of characters and Ellie and Maeryn should have there own cook-off and we can have wet wipes at the ready:)

wackywilsons said...

Well, your kitchen does look spotless, so I guess your OCD is working good!

I can totally agree with the whole buddy's in pair thing...Wesley and Austin for sure. I guess siblings just have to adjust.

When will you post pics of that belly?

Rob said...

Jana, not to take away from the meaningful story of your latest blog post, but is it just me or is the boy in the background of the first picture with Ellie signing "the bird". lol. -Rob