Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend of adventure

My ward here in Ann Arbor has a very neat tradition each year of doing a Relief Society Retreat. It starts Friday night and goes through Saturday afternoon. Some spend the night, some don't. It was one of my best weekends in a very long time.

To put it shortly, it was 2 days of laughing so much it hurt and being extremely spiritually fed.

On Friday night, after a hilarious display if lip syncs and delicious food, we watched an inspiring movie called "Celebrating What's RIGHT With The World" and if you ever get the opportunity to watch this video, I highly recommend it. I loved it for so many different reasons.

Saturday was breakfast and some incredible women s
haring life experiences that strengthened all of us. Then a few classes and home I went.

I think if I ever get called to a Relief Society calling, I would seriously like to do something just like this.

Then Saturday night Jason went to work and I was going about with my normal business. I called the kids to the table for dinner a
nd they all came running.

Then I heard Jackson crying his little heart out an
d I went to see what was wrong. Normally I hear crying and I tell all of the kids to please stop it and get to the table. . . or wherever I am calling them to. But I could tell this time Jackson was hurt.

I was hugging him and telling him to just take a deep breath. He finally did and I asked him to show me where he was hurt. He touched
his ear and I took a look.

I called my dear Farrah and she came right over. Jackson and I left to the ER for some stitches. Jackson was scared and worried about it, but he was great. I ended up calling some of our good friends here that is a fellow in facial plastics for ENT. He told me the oral surgery guys were on call and not to let them do the stitches. :)

We left the ER after about an hour and headed to target for a new DS game for being so brave.

Dan (fellow) came over to our house, stitches in hand and did the whole thing on the kitchen counter. He had to give Jackson a shot in his ear for the numbing and Jackson did great.

Three stitches later and my son was whole again.

Thanks Dan. You have no idea how happy I am that we are all moving to Utah. I plan to live very close to you.


Elizabeth said...

I had no clue!! Poor Jackson, but thank goodness for Dan, I don't know what we will do when they move...I guess actually go to a real doctor.

Gina said...

I can't believe Jackson just layed down and let him go to town on his ear! So brave. Totally deserved that DS game. Are you coming soon to house hunt?

Will & Cheyenne said...

Such a great RS idea!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh Jackie! Poor babe! What a brave boy though. and even smiling afterward. wow!!

Brooklet said...

Ouch, how did that happen?? Brave, brave kid. I have to hold a screaming Claire down just for her to get shots. She never would have laid down willingly to get the shot or the stitches.

Rachel said...

you know you can never trust those oral surgery guys. I'm glad you waited. :) what is happening in the first picture. I thought 2 things 1) that girl has hairy hands, yikes and 2) that man has a very gorgeous beard. I was so surprised to see him in the last pic without one. What is going on?

Froggy said...

What a little man! That was smart to get an expert to stitch up his ear...I have seen some poor attempts that have left ugly scars.
I will definitely have to remember that idea if I am ever in RS again...sounds amazing!

Michele said...

oops that previous post was from me...the girls were signed in under their blog.

Janie said...

OK Jana, you have to take out the part that says not to let the Oral Surgeons stitch it up!

We are hoping to live very close to you guys, just in the poorer section of the neighborhood in a tiny little house. :)