Saturday, July 28, 2007

The long awaited photos of our trip

Oh, I am so dead! When Jason sees that I put this pic on the blog he is going to make me take it off. So, for all you lucky ones. . . here is a shot of the whole family. I still can't believe we are a family of FIVE.

Jason had a serious reaction to something the night before the blessing and his face really swelled up. Have any of you see "Hitch" and remember the allergic reaction part? Well, we got to experience that up close and personal. Want the story? OK.

So, Ellie woke up at around 5am Sunday morning and I was BEAT. I asked if Jason would make her a bottle so that I didn't have to nurse. (I stayed up way too late catching up with my sister in law, Kellie). Jason went to make the bottle and when he came back he handed it to me and told me, "I have to go get some benadryl or my lip is going to burst." It was all dark in the room and I couldn't really understand him. So, I took my cell phone, lit it up and shined it in his face and said, "What?" (eyes are all squinted). And before he could answer I quickly shut the phone and had a panic attack. Imagine how Jason was feeling. I knew exactly what he said. Not really. But I knew he needed something!!!!! It was a bit scary. I fed Ellie and couldn't go back to sleep. I ran upstairs and checked on Jason. There was on old bottle of in my moms cupboard that expired in 2001. That was no surprise though. My mom and dad don't seem to take those dates all that seriously. :) So, Jason went to Rite Aid at 6am and bought a bottle of benadryl and GUZZLED it. The swelling didn't go down all day. It was sad. But none the less, he did an amazing job on Ellie's blessing. It was very special. When he sat down, I told him how great it was and he told me he could barely keep his eyes open. All that medicine was doing him in. He was so shaky.

So anyway, that is why I have a feeling this picture will only be on the blog until Jason sees it. He already told me not to do it! :) BUSTED! But I still think he looks handsome and wonderful......puffy lips and all. :)

It was great to spend some time with cousins and watch them play with Ellie. There were all so great to her. This is my brother's oldest son, Mitchell.

Noah just can't get enough of his sister. He holds her at least 20 times a day. And when he is all done, he drops her. Like. . . goes limp. :) We are working on it.

Grandpa Kohler had some horses for all the kids to ride. Noah loves it. Jackson did not.

Ellie's beautiful little blessing dress. Thanks Baby Gap.

After the blessing with Grandma Joanie. Ellie loves to be held.

This was a fun day to Heritage Park. (aka "this is the place monument). The highlight was riding the trolley around. It was so dang HOT. As in MISERABLE!!! But the kids loved it and loved getting some playdough ice cream with grandma and grandpa. So did I.

And now it is the reverse. Noah was not so much into the horses and Jackson loved it.

William and Jackson giving kisses.

So cute right?!

Ahhh. . .COUSINS!!!! Best of friends. William pushed Noah one time and now Noah says, "William.. . . . Push." I wonder when he will stop associating the two.

When we got back we went to this super fun amusement park about an hour away called Idlewild. It is the #2 largest and BEST park for kids. They can pretty much ride everything. With an adult of course. But it was fun to take them on big roller coasters. And cotton candy was the best part of the day for me. Oh, and Dots ice cream. Why is that so fun to eat?


Ned said...

Great BYU cap on Jackson!! Go Cougars!!!

Brooklet said...

Looks like a fun vacation! Ellie looked so cute in her blessing gown!! Poor Jason- but at least he will always remember Ellie's blessing day, or maybe he will just remember the drugged stupor he was in.

Sandy said...

Tell Jason he HAS to leave up the picture...the story that goes along with it is just too funny! I'm sure it wasn't that funny the day of, but after the fact, right? Ellie is sooooo georgous and all the cute outfits you have her in make me so excited to have another girl. The bows on the head are my favorite!

Jocelyn said...

I missed the WHOLE thing. Boooooo!

Cute pictures. I can't wait to see those kids again!