Friday, July 27, 2007

Rained out!

Off we went on a wonderful little walk. The weather was calm and it was a nice temperature. So, we decided to walk a little farther. We even walked to the grocery store to "only get a jar of peanut butter" and nothing else. We had the stroller to push and all three kids. And what happened? We bought groceries. Oh yeah. . . milk and all. And as many of you do this, we had to buy 2 different kinds. One for the kids and one for Jason and me. Plus, some delicious grapes, apples, cookies, you name it. . .we were getting it. And off we went to make the walk home with all the new found yummies and the kids.

Three minutes into our walk back, Jason and I look at each other and say, "It's sprinkling." Nice. Ellie was in the baby bjorn and getting all wet! My little Ellie. :( We start to walk fast. But the basket under the stroller is sagging and scraping on every bump. So, Jason has to take out the milk and carry it around his wrist. This is a 2 mile walk back. I being to sweat. And then . . . it POURS! Anyone who has been to Pittsburgh or has heard me talk about it knows that I like to compare it to San Francisco with all the hills. And I am serious. It is a very hilly area. Especially in my neighborhood, and especially when carrying 2 heavy kids in and stroller (one that the front wheel doesn't swivel) and one on my body, and Jason carrying all the milk and food. Quite the sight! We were getting drenched so I was a bit frantic as I was thinking about the kids, and maybe a little more about Ellie. :) She is still so little. Jason started running uphill (this hill specifically we try and avoid when out for walks or runs) and I was trying to keep up. But I am clearly not a runner! Jason is pretty fast with that stroller and the food. Impressive.

A nice lady saw the mess we were and asked if I wanted a towel. I hesitated for a moment and then bossed Jason to run home and get the car while I stood under her porch. Megan is my new friend. She kept me a little drier than I would have been and was very nice to meet. I think I might take her some cookies or something. Doubt it. Let's get real. My intentions are always good though.

Jason showed up a few minutes later and Ellie and I got in. We were home soon and getting all dried. That was a crazy walk. The weather did say it would rain, but it just looked so nice that I didn't believe it. Next time I will.


Brooklet said...

What a classic family memory! And how ambitious is that to walk to the grocery store with the fam! Its one of those things that you will look back about pittsburgh and laugh.

Lisa said...

You seem to really have a problem listening to weather forecasters. Remember our hour long trip to the amusement park only to get rained out? Oh well, Red Robin was fun. : )

We would love you guys to come and visit in Ausgust. We'll be gone the 9-16, but otherwise we'll be around the whole month!

Jocelyn said...

And you didn't take a picture?