Sunday, December 20, 2009

The things they say

I was just sitting here by the computer with Ellie. We were singing some songs from the Polar Express. . . a favorite in this house.

After singing the same song 45 times, I said, "OK, I have to go fold some clothes. Will you come help me?"

Ellie said, " Oh, I can't fold clothes. I have a baby in my tummy. And I'm sooo sick."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! I was laughing too hard and thought I should write this down for my own memory. :) I love the things my kids say. They are their mother's children for sure.

And as I was typing this, Noah wrapped a string around his wrist several times and said, "Mom, don't you think I look like a Lamanite with this on my wrist?"

I am laughing again at rethinking it. :) I guess he kind of did look the part.

I love my kids. They make me laugh so much.


libby said...

Her mommy must know how to milk it--an essential survival skill during pregnancy! too funny!

okay, first things first: the lipstick is, of course, mac. our favorite (it's actually the lipliner, lipstick, and lipgloss. those mac counter girls can talk me into anything :) ). next, DJ is much closer to 30 than 19. me on the other hand, not so much... go ahead, remind me again how I'm such a baby, it makes me feel real good. :) and, why didn't we ever go to the symphony?? we both knew we love classical, what's wrong with us?? maybe next time you're in town. consequently, when is that? we need to take some pictures of your adorable kiddos!

Gina said...

Love it. They are so cute.

Libby said...

lol! that is too funny! i miss them!

Trimbles said...

HAHA. Thats so funny! I cant believe you're gonna have 5. FIVE. Good thing they are darling! We did apply to all sorts of programs back east, UPenn told us no, and we still havent heard from several which says to me this late in the game it will eventually be a no or he's on a wait list somewhere... Im happy with the 13 we have. But there was some comfort know that we know atleast SOMEONE back east :)

Brooklet said...

I like Ellie's style- because how can you argue with her excuse??

Pitcherpost said...

that is freaking hilarious. Ellie is a smart girl!