Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mad, but laughing

Boys and girls really are naturally different. And I am so glad. But help me. Is having a daughter pay back for my mom?

Like, when did Jackson ever learn abo
ut Thomas? He was a little over one when he figured out that Thomas the Train was his first true obsession. He has since out grown that love, but for a few years, it was all I lived and breathed. I used to say that his college tuition was wrapped up in Thomas trains.

And Noah loves anything boy. Dirt, sports, bugs, burps. You name it. Noah can't get enough of it. And those are things I couldn't care less about. Or if I'm being truthful, HATE. Dirt? No thanks. Sports? Pass. Bugs? Jason really thinks I need to see someone professional about that. Burps? Nasty. I'm a lady
. :) Not Noah. He was born for those things.

And then there's Ellie. She LOVES LOVES LOVES my make up. It makes me crazy. When we moved here, Jason put some drawer locks on the drawers. Not all of them. (But that's a story for a different day and title). Needless to say, we still have plenty that need to be installed.

So, Ellie has a strong will. Or actually, she's strong. Sh
e busted through the drawer locks and has had free range on my make up. I HATE it! I can't leave her alone for 5 seconds. Don't doubt me. When will I learn to stop buying expensive make up??????

This morning, I was taking care of Carson (or surfing the Internet) and she came down stairs like this. I wish I knew how to take pictures so that it would all show up on the computer. Her face was covered in all sorts of shades and shimmer.
(She is actually posing for the camera. I do not do that. And please note the mascara in her eyebrows. I scrubbed, but my make up means business.)

Her hair only gets done when we are leaving the house. Clearly, today is a stay at home day.


Elizabeth said...

Now you know what to stuff in her stocking, some cheap make-up!! She did a great job knowing where it all went, cracks me up...

Will & Cheyenne said...

She's such a cutie though!!

Hillary said...

But secretly, don't you kind of love it? No doubt she is going to be a GREAT shopping partner with all kinds of opinions. Just like her Mommy. She is adorable! Tell Jason he might need to read the instructions next time;)

Joan said...

I love the way she is gripping all of the tubes in her little hand in that first pic. Did you have to pry them out? LOL

Arah Debra said...

How can you be mad at a face like that? So funnny!!

Brooklet said...

you know, all things taken into account, she did a pretty good job. the lip gloss is mostly on her lips.

morgan is constantly in my make-up- she especially loves the lip glosses. But she more eats them, than actually gets it on her lips. Yesterday she was putting my face lotion on her cheeks and when I turned around she had squeezed a bunch on the carpet- I was mad and NOT laughing.

Rachel said...

LOL. she is so cute. I love that about little girls, they want to be like mom. consider it an adorably expensive compliment.