Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Days

(Just because he is such a cutie.)

This month seemed
to fly by. Maybe because I was gone for so much of it with the girls trip and several interviews for Jason's job, but I feel like I barely got to experience Halloween or even the perfect fall days.Oh well. I guess I just have to enjoy those things in the upcoming years. :)

But we did finally manage to make it to the pumpkin patch. Here's what happened.

I decided it was time to get some pumpkins with H
alloween only a few days away. Ellie insisted on wearing her pajamas all day and Noah only wanted to wear shorts and some funky sandals, with socks I might add. (Every time he puts them on I make him take them off. I hate them. Why did I buy them???) But this day I was full of exhaustion and decided pj's and ugly sandals were fine. I at least made Ellie put on clean pajamas, and ones that aren't zippered so going to the bathroom would be much easier. Smart thinking!
So we got the pumpkin patch, picked out some super cute pumpkins, if you call the last choice pumpkins cute and went to pay.WHAT??? Cash only? Lame. Who ever has cash on them? Probably everyone but me. So, we left our selections there, telling the lady we'd be back, and off to Walmart we went for some seriously huge pumpkins. And way cheaper!! And I used my credit card thank you very much.

So, sorry to disappoint my kids, but this is the mom you got! :) And I must say, even though Walmart makes me sick, the pumpkins were so much better there.

Then on Friday night we went to a super fun Halloween party (no kids allowed. . . perfect) hosted by some great friends, the Sadlers. Everyone dressed up, we played some great games and ate even better food. It was a great time. Thanks Sadlers for hosting such a fun night!
These were a couple of my favorites from the night!
Me & Jason as Shaggy and Daphine. Not so much a fave, but us. :)
Lisa and Shawn as Rednecks
Janie and Dan as Flapper and Mobster. . .they won for best costume.

Onto Halloween.

Jackson was Darth Vader. Noah was Spiderman. And
Ellie was Tinkerbell. They all loved how they looked and had a fun time wearing their costumes for hours!!!Some other friends of ours, the Elder's hosted a Halloween party the night of. More delicious food and company and the kids had a blast going trick or treating together. Despite the freezing cold wind. Thanks Elders!!

On the way back to our neighborhood last night I had Jason stop and let the kids and me out to finish the night by doing some last minute trick or treating on our street. They loved it. And I was glad I got to see them do their thing for a few minutes. Even though Jackson and Noah were RUNNING from house to house, at least Ellie and I savored the moment. :)

Here's to next year when I plan on going to the pumpkin patch early in October, cash in wallet! :)


Abbigail said...

Fun party! I wish I was there to see those costumes in person. Everyone looks great and I am pumped that the Wards got best costume they deserved it! Wal Mart is lame, but you can't fight a good priced pumpkin.

Kimo said...

So Cute!!! And I love the pumpkin story . . . so Jana!

Arah Debra said...

Carson is such a cutie! It was fun to see that little chunk in person. Fun costumes! I always thought Lisa and Shawn would make good rednecks.

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe Ryan and I didn't make the pictures! Rude!

JoDell said...

That's classic about the pumpkins! I love all the costumes (especially your wig!). Carson is too cute! You have the cutest kids.